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Shuttlecock & Racket



Are your strings wearing down? Does it feel like your racket is losing string tension? Does it feel like your shots are getting less and less control? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then it's time to replace those strings with a fresh set of new strings!

Racket restringing are done on the electric stringing machine. Our stringer has over 20 years of restringing experience and we take pride in our service and it will show in your game! Our stringing service pricing as per the options below for the string and labour. The shipping charge is for shipping of the racket from Badminton shop back to you.

Strings are an extremely important part of your racket and choosing the right string and tension is very, very important.  As for the tension, the higher the tension you choose, the harder you will have to swing to get that power. However, higher string tensions give you much more control of the shuttle. So if you are experienced and have the strength, choose a higher string tension (25lbs – 30lbs). If you are new to the sport, choose a lower string tension(20lbs – 24lbs).

Restringing Policy  


The condition of your racket will be examined by our stringer to determine the most suitable tension. However hidden damage is difficult to be identified which may lead to incorrect tension to be used.  


Please note we do not take any responsibility of:

  • Damage to the racket/string during or after the restringing if your required tension is higher than the manufacturer’s recommended tension, or if the paint chipped racket may contain hidden and internal damage.

  • String breakage caused by mis-hit outside the sweet spot.

  • Not genuine racket.

  • Own supply string.


Please be aware that aluminium or steel racket may warp for tension greater than 18lbs.

Please cut and leave the broken string on the racket to prevent damage to the frame and losing the grommets.


Additional information:

Mis-hit: where the shuttle cocks hits on the top or bottom of the strings near the frame. It’s the most common way to break the string. Pattern of mis-hit: the strands would be similar in length.

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